About Us

TkemTeks: sewing fabrics

TkemTeks is primarily high quality applied materials for the garment industry, such as adhesive materials, lining fabrics of various structures and colour ranges.

XXI century is a period of development of new manufacturing technologies. Large international corporations which hold a great capital have succeeded most of all today. They have their own laboratories, employ specialists who develop new fibers for fabrics production and work out new ways of clothing production.

Modern synthetic fibers prevail in the manufacture of a wide range of clothing. Modern technology of thermo gluing has displaced the traditional production methods. Technical progress is subject to constant evolution. A new stage in the creation of synthetic fibers has led to the fact that fabrics have become more difficult in working with them. They are much thinner now, react negatively to higher temperatures. The process of making clothes forces to use new kinds of adhesives. Solid glues undergo temperature and turn into the plastic state at the moment of adhesion. Temperature and plasticity are very important factors. In the thin fabric the glue can penetrate to the outer side of the fabric.

Purchasing adhesive materials and lining ones is a complex issue. Many factories produce materials for clothes. Product quality is very varied. Checking of manufacturers takes a lot of time and requires additional expenses. For this reason we try to find new materials created by using modern equipment.

TkemTeks cooperates with European and Chinese experts. They visit the plants, participate in conferences and exhibitions. The views of experts help us to make purchases in the best factories.